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Thumbs up Play casinos winning Baccarat

Winning Baccarat is the most sophisticated and accurate gambling strategy for winning at baccarat in existence. It can truly be the combination that unlocks the casino vault! Together with the most advanced player/bank method in existence, Winning Baccarat contains a mathematically based method for exploiting the tie bet at baccarat. All in all, Winning Baccarat is the most complete and the most advantageous method to play baccarat in existence.
Winning Baccarat wins flat betting, as the results reported at the end of this discussion prove. Most baccarat methods now in existence use progressions, whether up-as-you-win or up-as-you-lose to achieve the illusion of an advantage. Such methods may vary their bets from one unit to twenty or thirty units hoping that lucky wins with the big bets will offset losses with the smaller bets. The systems always have high stop losses, twenty, thirty, even forty units. Those systems will never work: you will eventually lose the big bets, too. These methods do not achieve an advantage over the casino; if they did, they could win flat betting. Yet none of the developers suggest flat betting, and will certainly never report a flat bet win. As with the infamous Martingale, these progressions only delay the day of doom.
While other developers fiddle with unworkable progressions, my own approach to the game has been to discover a method that wins flat betting. Most games will produce certain types of patterns or biases of one kind or another that can be exploited. Such patterns are most likely caused by inadequate shuffling of the cards. In a landmark study on shuffling summarized in the January 9, 1990 issue of the New York Times, Dr. Persi Diaconis of Harvard University demonstrated that it requires a minimum of twelve shuffles to randomize six decks of cards. Standard casino shuffles do not even approach this. The possibility of exploiting such patterns (from whatever cause) was the goal in developing my method. This player/bank method here discussed represents the culmination my work on biases in the baccarat game. A flat bet win is the surest way to insure that the method in fact is a true advantage method, that the method will sustain an advantage through long-term play. The player/bank method here has been thoroughly tested against tens of thousands of real casino decisions, from real casino games, and has shown a substantial advantage.
Certainly, other systems have tried to exploit biases in the run of player/bank decisions. Unfortunately, such systems usually focus narrowly on a single kind of bias, whether side dominance or streak/chop patterns. Such systems will win games that conform to the bias exploited by the system, but too many games will not conform to produce a generally reliable method of play. The system here focuses much more abstractly on the types of biases and patterns that can occur in a baccarat game, and fares well against all patterns typically seen in a baccarat shoe. Indeed, the method will often change with the shoe: as the biases and patterns in the shoe change, so will the bet selection method. This insures that the bettor is always playing in accordance with the most current bias present in the shoe.
For instance, one bet selection method used by the system will win against all of the following events: (i) straight runs of either player or bank (ii) alternating runs of player and bank (PBPBPB) (iii) alternating runs of double player and double bank (PPBBPPBBPP) (Time before last betting loses every decision to this pattern; this method wins every decision.) (iv) Alternating runs of triple player and triple bank (PPPBBBPPPBBB) and a host of other patterns. Another bet selection method wins against a different group of patterns.
It is the most important to can describe these types with arithmetic figure, and can these type classification. Our adoption China have how many thousand year the history's gossip, arrange the way with eight figure with win or loss for coming describing the different alignment mode, these eighth piece words can containing the cover havings. But these eight piece words constitute of 8*8=64 of matrix, can include the combination mode of all win or losses. You only understand these modes, and combine to control the variety regulation of these modes, you can increase the Probability that win.

Remember the story about starting with a penny and doubling it every day? At the end of thirty days, you're a millionaire! While I cannot guarantee everyone will achieve that result, the effect of winning just one tiny unit per shoe is enormous over the long haul. This is the first baccarat method that could actually change the nature of the game! As long as casinos firmly believe the game to be unbeatable, we have a golden opportunity to exploit this most winnable game.
This research begin from the 1995 me at Japan, at that time in the Japanese and some result。 you want the estimate to is big with the machine random figure or small occurrence probability is impossible, but win is an accurate control of a probability for with combination of arithmetic figure machine with comparing, this by all means some regulation, controlling these regulations can much winning little losing, can even if winning at the cash award that 50-75%, like this and only many casino offering of 100%s are all very big an income.
Two. Theories according to:
1.The combination of the 《 Yi classics.》(zhou yi) of Chinese and computer technique .
2.Dissipation construction the method of the theories (chaos theory),
The unbalance degree that combines describes the method with the machine random figures
See the equilibrium point first to really settle to influence combine after:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 0 0 0
All of the poker of each a kind of assortment is 13 piece, 10,11,12,13, all press 0 calculation. Like this be then 7 for the probability that When the equilibrium order in 7, 8 as many as 9 emergence’s general outlines follows 1,2,3,4,5,6, the both sides add after, 4 emergences are as many as 0 emergence’s Probability.
If with the real amount 123456789 come computing, then 5 order for equilibrium, so, 8,9 probability that appear that total probability ratio 1234567 all many out 25%, and also is to say 8,9 emergences is 50%+25%=75%. Two random figure add after few within machines,
4 emergence’s probability’s as many as 0 emergence’s probability. This causes with the machine random figure the add the unbalance and basic reason of machine random figure, if can describe this kind of unbalance, full with confidence unbalance trend with arith random figure with the appearance, can control the probability that win, the basis that this is the investigative foundation with may guide the true war.
Investigative method
1.Arithmetic figure describing of win or loss method
2.I can use Zhou Yi easy model of the win or loss's week
3.The size number, mode for numbers, different types of single doubles influence go after period walk degree.
4.The unbalance degree describes the probability of the method and emergence.
5.The true war's guideline.


Ties have been played successfully for a long time. In his book, Lyle Stuart on Baccarat, Lyle Stuart tells a story about a man who "lazed about in casinos in the Caribbean and stumbled onto a method of counting cards that would give him a clue as to when Ties were most probable." When the count was right, the man would bet a progression on ties. The story goes on to tell how the man eventually moved to Vegas, bought an expensive house with his winnings, and is now "rolling in money."
Perhaps the story is fanciful, or perhaps he anticipated our method of playing ties. We will never know. Winning Baccarat system will, however, show you one-way to bet ties.

Winning Baccarat includes a complete manual describing the greatest player/bank method ever discovered. This is the only method able to achieve such a result. While flat betting will be the safest way to play, those who want greater rewards for bigger risks can use progression betting. The manual takes you step by step through the bet selection method, showing you how and why each bet is made as it is. In addition, the manual describes my method for betting ties. This is the only known method in which a mathematical advantage can be obtained on the tie bet. The system goes beyond the mathematics, however, and shows the best method for betting ties overall.
Winning Baccarat comes with free consultation to insure correct and optimal play for all parts of the system.
if you have the interest to contact me: ICQ:210585231,MSN:rt218@hotmail.com
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