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Old 01-04-2014, 06:29 AM   #81
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Default Re: Bingo Horoscopes & Lucky Numbers online

Horoscopes & Lucky Predictions for April 2014

ARIES: Mar. 21-Apr. 20: Display your courage, honesty and integrity—all hallmarks of the Aries spirit. This month the spotlight is on courage. Apply your newfound enthusiasm to both career and home improvements. When work increases you’re more relaxed at home and when you’re more relaxed at home the courage arises to tackle the new set of goals you’ve set for yourself now that Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is moving forward again.

Lucky Days: 8-21

Lucky Numbers: 9-49

TAURUS: Apr. 21-May 21: Your top priority for April? Escape inertia. How to do that is a bit tricky, but here are some clues: Commit to studying a new intellectual subject or transform an old hobby into a project. You must think outside of your comfort zone. Here’s some helpful wisdom from the writer Dennis Prager to contemplate: “Drop expectations and be surprised by life.” One foot is firmly planted in reality while the other is, well, we don’t know just yet. But stick that foot out there and see where it lands.

Lucky Days: 19-21

Lucky Numbers: 8-58

GEMINI: May 22-June 21: Being the mental whiz that you are, we’re all looking to you and your command of language and humor to put into words what many of us can’t express. Watch a great comedian at work: She makes us laugh and illuminates difficult truths at the same time. That’s your task in April: To explain with humor. You’ll also need to bring your feelings into the mix.

Lucky Days: 8-29

Lucky Numbers: 9-50

CANCER: June 22-July 22: This is the month you launch the boat you’ve been building all year. A seasoned captain would tell you to wait a spell, it’s rocky out there—but she who hesitates is lost. You’re never going to figure out what’s on the other shore by stalling. You’re craving a major change of scene, and the end of this month will deliver it. Cancers must periodically shed their shells. Is that a vulnerable time? Yes.

Lucky Days: 16-19

Lucky Numbers: 2-62

LEO: July 23-Aug. 23: Like the other fixed signs of the zodiac, you can be as stubborn as a bull. But your one saving grace for moving forward? Your star ruler is the sun. You can warm or incinerate whatever gets in your way. The key for you is to approach all disappointments with forgiveness; even when you’ve felt betrayed or left behind. April finds you moving back to your favorite spot in the jungle: The center.

Lucky Days: 12-24

Lucky Numbers: 7-56

VIRGO: Aug. 24-Sept. 23: Jupiter, the luck planet is now progressing in your house of friends, hopes and wishes. Because April will be such a troubling month, you’ll want to protect your security by finding support from peers—this includes an organization where everyone pulls together. Don’t allow your shy side to prevent you from joining the party. There is strength in numbers.

Lucky Days: 2-29

Lucky Numbers: 9-38

LIBRA: Sept. 24-Oct. 23: Oh wow, folks need to stay clear of your path this month as you’ve got energetic Mars and a dramatic eclipse setting off your house of charisma, in other words: April is all about you. Don’t allow guilt or apprehension to censure you from letting others know what you want. Despite your preference for harmony, you’re going to need to cut loose.

Lucky Days: 1-8

Lucky Numbers: 11-55

SCORPIO: Oct. 24-Nov. 22: Jupiter, astrology’s planet of luck and spiritual insight is moving through your house of faith. Scorpio has the hardest time with trust. And yet this is what April will offer you as a test; namely: The more you work to sustain faith, the more trust becomes your goal. Make this the month to strengthen your ties with guidance—it won’t let you down.

Lucky Days: 8-29

Lucky Numbers 23-39

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23-Dec. 21: Since last year, a good portion of the zodiac’s water signs have been active, putting a dampener on your fiery nature. The good news? You’ve only a couple more months to go before Jupiter, your ruler, moves into Leo and turns your energy level up, up, up. So make the next several months into a preparatory practice. Don’t become scattershot, make a list of what you want to achieve and then stick to it.

Lucky Days: 25-28

Lucky Numbers: 28-39

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20: Goats are slated to move out of their comfort zone this month, which means paying more attention to the ins and outs of relationships. Friends and family are fine with you, but the world at large often unnerves you. But don’t let that stop you from forming new alliances. Here are some words of wisdom from the writer Anais Nin—make this into your motto for April: “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Lucky Days: 8-18

Lucky Numbers: 34-62

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 19: The ‘give me what I want’ planet Mars is moving through your house of travel, religion, philosophy and spirit. So you need to do the math here. Wants and desires center around what is not close at hand—you need to leave the familiar and habitual to connect with what feels distant, but not impossible. How to begin? Take up a new hobby or practice that works to calm the mind. A big theme for you in April is how the body can heal itself and what you might be doing that is helping or hindering this process. Figure out that riddle and you’re on your way to new adventures, new opportunities.

Lucky Days: 2-19

Lucky Numbers: 23-60

PISCES: Feb. 20-Mar. 20: The planet of glamour and spiritual longing is moving through your house of self. This could mark the rumblings of an identity crisis. April is the month where you need to surrender to what seems, on the surface, irrational or irresponsible. The answer you seek lies in this unexplored realm and not from what’s predictable and rote. Use your logical side to maneuver this brave new world.

Lucky Days: 6-16

Lucky Numbers: 34-39

Lucky Predictions for April 2014

ARIES: March 21 to April 20

1st thru 6th… No time like the present the 3rd$

7th thru 12th… Be first in line the 8th!

13th thru 18th… Lucky abroad the 11th$$

19th thru 24th… Even the score 22nd$!!

25th thru 30th… You’re just in time the 30th!

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21

1st thru 6th… Mighty fine week$$!

7th thru 12th… Momentum continues 10th/11th$$

13th thru 18th… Beg out.

19th thru 24th… Mountains of $$$ 19th!!

25th thru 30th… All ducks in-a-row 28th/29th$!

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21

1st thru 6th… So cool to be you the 4th!$

7th thru 12th… RED card luck 8th/9th$

13th thru 18th… Long shot pays off the 18th!

19th thru 24th… You magnetize $$ 21st-22nd$$

25th thru 30th… Totally awesome 26th-27th$!

CANCER: June 22 to July 22

1st thru 6th… You made it 5th-6th!!$

7th thru 12th… Nobody’s stopping you 11th!!

13th thru 18th… Heck of a deal the 16th!$$

19th thru 24th… What a way to start 24th!

25th thru 30th… You got what it takes 28th-29th$$

LEO: July 23 to Aug. 23

1st thru 6th… You’re on a roll 3rd-5th!$

7th thru 12th… Super lucky 8th-9th!

13th thru 18th… Fortune afar 17th-18th$$

19th thru 24th… Not quite right.

25th thru 30th… Time to win 26th and 30th$$

VIRGO: Aug. 24 to Sept. 23

1st thru 6th… Startin’ out right the 1st!$

7th thru 12th… Somethin’ good 10th-11th!$$

13th thru 18th… Total goodness 16th$$!

19th thru 24th… A distinct advantage the 20th!$

25th thru 30th… Smooth and easy 28th-29th$

LIBRA: Sept. 24 to Oct. 23

1st thru 6th… Winning comes naturally 3rd/4th$

7th thru 12th… Luck’s on your side 8th/9th$$

13th thru 18th… Encouraging 15th-16th$

19th thru 24th… Friends bring luck the 22nd!

25th thru 30th… Best waiting until the 30th.

SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 22

1st thru 6th… Grand possibilities 5th/6th$

7th thru 12th… It’s so yours the 11th$$

13th thru 18th… In the nick of time 15th/16th!

19th thru 24th… Boss directs you the 20th$

25th thru 30th… Wait it out.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23 to Dec. 21

1st thru 6th… Next week—promise.

7th thru 12th… Hot winning streak 8th-9th$$

13th thru 18th… Has your name on it 17th-18th!!!

19th thru 24th… It’s yours to call 22nd$!

25th thru 30th… Fired up to win 26th-27th$$

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 20

1st thru 6th… You’ve a good shot at it the 1st!!

7th thru 12th… Get in the game the 11th$!

13th thru 18th… You stay on top 15th-16th!$

19th thru 24th… You know how to win the 20th$

25th thru 30th… Lucky guesses 28th-29th$$

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 to Feb. 19

1st thru 6th… Definitely worth tryin’ 3rd/4th$

7th thru 12th… Game’s made for you 13th/14th!

13th thru 18th… Your best bets are 17th-18th$

19th thru 24th… BE THERE 22nd-23rd!$

25th thru 30th… ALL except 28th-29th!

PISCES: Feb. 20 to March 20

1st thru 6th… Good to be you 1st/5th!$$

7th thru 12th… Good changes early the 7th!$

13th thru 18th… Party and win 15th-16th$$!

19th thru 24th… You have a few tricks 20th and 24th!

25th thru 30th… Super weekend 28th-29th!$$
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Old 22-04-2014, 05:27 AM   #82
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Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: 2009 Nurse Of The Year Award "HCH" The Best Care A Nurse Can Ever Give.Please Give Blood SaveALife
Posts: 4,689
Default Re: Bingo Horoscopes & Lucky Numbers online

Horoscopes & Lucky Predictions for May 2014

ARIES: Mar. 21-Apr. 20: Love at first sight? Yep, it can happen. Especially around this month’s full moon, when you find yourself full-to-bursting with charm and charisma. So the question for you is: What or whom do you want to attract? Set a game plan in the early part of the month, and then set your best moves free around the 14th. It’s a magical time for you to shine.
Lucky Days: 7-22
Lucky Numbers: 3-39

TAURUS: Apr. 21-May 21: Your focus continues to be on what Sigmund Freud defined as life’s two central goals: Love and work. Use this month to clarify and strengthen both. The way of the bull rarely involves dividing your attention, because you like to do things in an all or nothing way. But May is different. You need to give equal attention to both areas of your life to succeed.
Lucky Days: 7-19
Lucky Numbers: 13-26

GEMINI: May 22-June 21: Mars awakens your house of self-expression in May, and this means putting one of your creative projects front and center. Don’t hide. Let the world see what you’re about. Vitality and vigor are increased when you make a conscious connection with the qualities that make you unique. Find as many ways as possible to communicate and share your gifts.
Lucky Days: 12-28
Lucky Numbers: 14-45

CANCER: June 22-July 22: Crabs have a reputation for being shy and reserved, but this is simply a tactic to better win their way. Have you ever watched a crab get what it wants and then not let go? May is your month to see, seize and savor. Forget the notion that you’re being selfish, it’s far better to let others know where you’re coming from so they can either get out of your way or help you with your quest. Go for it!
Lucky Days: 16-58
Lucky Numbers: 9-48

LEO: July 23-Aug. 23: Because you are ruled by a star, and not a planet or moon, life always feels dramatic and filled with challenges. May’s full moon offers an opportunity to turn your generous nature up full volume, and discover just how big your wishes can be. Dream big now, work hard—the planetary alignments favor success, step up to your mark on stage and claim the prize.
Lucky Days: 9-28
Lucky Numbers: 11-60

VIRGO: Aug. 24-Sept. 23: Venus in your house of sex brings excitement and magic into the bedroom. Alert your mate now that changes are on the way. May is the month to enhance, improve or re-energize your love life: The more experimental, the better. In fact, small, conservative changes are not going to cut it for you now. You’re feeling the power of passion. How fabulous is that?
Lucky Days: 9-29
Lucky Numbers: 18-39

LIBRA: Sept. 24-Oct. 23: All of that buzzing, agitated energy that you’re trying to harness? Funnel its force into your career. Finally Libras are learning that it’s not their job to get along with everyone, or try to spread harmony everywhere they go. Sometimes you need to push obstacles out of the way to reach your goal, and presently a new job, a new position is tugging on your heart. Give it to yourself.
Lucky Days: 8-28
Lucky Numbers: 4-64

SCORPIO: Oct. 24-Nov. 22: Here’s the magic phrase that always worked for designer Coco Chanel, and its time for you to use it: “Be someone, not something.” May is the month you discover how self-knowledge and freedom go together. But you must be willing to experiment—and that could mean returning to school, or developing a new hobby or field of study. Whatever it takes to support insight and wisdom, commit to it.
Lucky Days: 13-44
Lucky Numbers 7-44

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23-Dec. 21: Someone once wrote that: “humor is God laughing at himself.” This is a potent idea because it reveals the power each of us possesses as creators. I’m suggesting that you bring a lighter touch to all of your undertakings in May. Yes, it’s been a bumpy ride throughout the spring, but right now we need your magnanimous vision (and hearty laughter) to remind us that a new light is dawning.
Lucky Days: 2-14
Lucky Numbers: 3-49

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20: You’re not alone in sensing that it’s time to build a new world and life. Everyone has been pushed to the limits this spring. But it’s Capricorn that holds the secret. What is it? Writer Steve Maraboli sums it up nicely: “The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.” You understand this truth instinctively and May is the month you show us how this principle works.
Lucky Days: 8-18
Lucky Numbers: 38-61

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 19: Watch out! You’re attracting outgoing individuals who might turn your world upside down and inside out. But wait a minute! Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. The stasis and tension you’ve felt this spring is actually the universe pressuring you to break free from old notions related to sharing and partnering. The keyword is: colorful. The more color in your life, the better your chances at a major turnaround. Trust the upheaval, there’s a deep release right around the corner.
Lucky Days: 11-16
Lucky Numbers: 34-62

PISCES: Feb. 20-Mar. 20: In May you solve this riddle that the poet William Blake pondered: “Enough! or Too much!” It’s really not your nature to create limitations, but conditions have gotten to the point where you’ve got to make strict boundaries. It’s a simple equation: Who and what will stay? Who and what must go? After you do this kind of soul sifting the peace and order you crave will be yours.
Lucky Days: 14-28
Lucky Numbers: 3-33

Lucky Predictions for May 2014

ARIES: March 21 to April 20

1st thru 6th… Better w/RED 5th and 6th$$

7th thru 12th… Waiting is best.

13th thru 18th… I see you winning the 15th!

19th thru 24th… Real luck 19th-20$!

25th thru 31st… Truly fortunate the 29th!

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21

1st thru 6th… BLUE’s good on you 3rd/4th$

7th thru 12th… You magnetize $$$ 7th-9th!

13th thru 18th… Higher high$$ the 16th!$

19th thru 24th… Plenty of time to win 21st-22nd!

25th thru 31st… It's your week!

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21

1st thru 6th… Scoogie in to win 5th/6th!

7th thru 12th… A friend knows 10th-11th$$

13th thru 18th… Better not to go there.

19th thru 24th… A special time 19th-20th$

25th thru 31st… Worth trying the 28th$!

CANCER: June 22 to July 22

1st thru 6th… Beyond lucky 3rd-4th$$

7th thru 12th… Follow thru needed 8th-9th!

13th thru 18th… Winnin’ in style 13th-14th!$

19th thru 24th… Hunches correct 21st-22nd$

25th thru 31st… Wow, wow and wow 26th and 31st!

LEO: July 23 to Aug. 23

1st thru 6th… Just like magic the 1st!

7th thru 12th… Keep it up 10th-11th$!

13th thru 18th… Stick to RED 15th-16th$$

19th thru 24th… Happens fast 23rd/24th$!

25th thru 31st… Incredible 28th-29th$$$

VIRGO: Aug. 24 to Sept. 23

1st thru 6th… Your time to shine 3rd-4th!!$

7th thru 12th… Don’t hesitate 8th-9th$

13th thru 18th… Could be a hard card 17th-18th$

19th thru 24th… Stop already, before you lose.

25th thru 31st… You’re hittin’ it all 31st$$

LIBRA: Sept. 24 to Oct. 23

1st thru 6th… All strong 1st, 5th and 6th!$$

7th thru 12th… Could be yours the 10th$

13th thru 18th… RED targets a win the 15th$$

19th thru 24th… Be there to win 19th-20th!

25th thru 31st… Multiple ways 28th-29th!

SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 22

1st thru 6th… Quite promising 3rd/4th.

7th thru 12th… Expect to win 8th or 9th$

13th thru 18th… Impeccable timing 13th-14th$!

19th thru 24th… Truly psychic 21st-22nd!

25th thru 31st… No stoppin’ you 30th-31st!

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23 to Dec. 21

1st thru 6th… Nice haul 5th-6th!

7th thru 12th… Play it NOW 10th$$

13th thru 18th… You show ‘em how 15th!!

19th thru 24th… Definite luck 23rd/24th$$

25th thru 31st… Hiatus.

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 20

1st thru 6th… Not good enough (wait)!

7th thru 12th… Your moves are super the 9th!

13th thru 18th… Pretty slick 13th-14th!

19th thru 24th… Rare finds 20th-21st!

25th thru 31st… Big potential 26th-27th$$

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 to Feb. 19

1st thru 6th… Set up for winnin’ the 1st!$

7th thru 12th… Use your best strategy 10th-11th$$

13th thru 18th… Rely on RED the 15th$$

19th thru 24th… Luckiest 24th-25th!

25th thru 31st… Goes your way 28th/29th$

PISCES: Feb. 20 to March 20

1st thru 6th… Wacky but winnin’ 3rd/4th!

7th thru 12th… BLUE scores the 12th$

13th thru 18th… Hard card luck 17th-18th$

19th thru 24th… Stay alert and win 21st-22nd!

25th thru 31st… Your favorite place 25th-26th$
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