View Thread : Baccarat Startegies and Books! What's your Take?

Can anyone tell me the best books on Baccarat Strategy they have come across? Some people in Las Vegas and ads in Casino Player are just too expensive. Any bootleg copies?

How about these books. Are they any good?

1. John Patrick's Money Management and Discipline.
2. John Patrick's Baccarat
3. Frank Scoblete's Baccarat Battle Book
4. Herbert Byron's Power Baccarat
5. Lyle Stewart on Baccarat
6. Baccarat System tester by Eric St. Germain
7. 72 Days at the baccarat Table by Eric St Germain


Baccarat Player
Dear Chris,
You mentioned all the thing's that will take you no where fast. I am sure that the best way to play the game of Baccarat and win consistantly is through Leonard Benson, he sells a very,very good System to beat the game. I have been using it on the online casino of my choice(reveled if you like) and doing very, very well. There is also an up-date (a twick) if you will to the basic play and it to is awsome when put in to play. As far as I know this is the only known way to play the game in a "Systimatic" way and win.
If you are sstill interested I have the copies. Let me know
you will like them. E_Mail me at

There is no strategy to Baccarat. The game is pure chance. writing a book about Baccarat strategy is like writing a book about keno strategy, at the end of the day it is pure chance.That said I give three Baccarat Hints1. Play the bank hand2. Do not paly No commision Baccarat3. Don't think you can ride the streaks, the game is still random.